Board Member Roundtable: The Key to Being A Successful Treasurer

We often hear from staff leadership about board governance and best practices, but not from the volunteer board leaders themselves. Until now! The role of a board treasurer is challenging. Keeping your eye on oversight and strategy and identifying and managing risk, while also ensuring the finance department's day-to-day operations benefit from your experience. BoardStrong […]

Hearing It From the Source: Millennial Board Room Perspectives and Experiences

Online Webinar

Research indicates that there is very little generational diversity in the boardroom. In fact, the voice of an entire generation (the millennial population is estimated at 77 million in the US alone), is oftentimes missing. There is a great opportunity for boards to seek younger directors and gain perspectives of this generation that is redefining […]

Roundtable: Building a Successful Board Chair/CEO Relationship

Online Webinar

The relationship between the executive director and the board chair is critically important to a nonprofit. It is an interdependent link that requires regular communication and collaboration. By working together as […]

Webinar: Recruiting and Onboarding for Diversity and Inclusion

Online Webinar

This educational session is geared toward board members in the Hudson Valley and is sponsored by the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley, the Community Foundation of Orange & Sullivan, the Dyson Foundation and the Hudson Valley Regional Advisory Council. A diverse nonprofit board includes people of all genders, races, ages, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds […]