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Roundtable: Building a Successful Board Chair/CEO Relationship

Online Webinar

The relationship between the executive director and the board chair is critically important to a nonprofit. It is an interdependent link that requires regular communication and collaboration. By working together as co-pilots, the Board Chair and Executive Director/CEO can foster engagement, balance and align responsibilities, and develop a team committed to championing your organization’s mission and […]

Board Member Roundtable: Leading Your Board Through Executive Transition

Online Webinar

With COVID, the great resignation, and economic uncertainty, experts believe that nonprofits are on the verge of losing large numbers of leaders. Change at the executive level — whether planned or abrupt — requires the board to provide strong leadership and direction as it contemplates what the organization needs from its next leader. The process […]

Hearing It From the Source: Millennial Board Room Perspectives and Experiences

Online Webinar

Research indicates that there is very little generational diversity in the boardroom. In fact, the voice of an entire generation (the millennial population is estimated at 77 million in the US alone), is oftentimes missing. There is a great opportunity for boards to seek younger directors and gain perspectives of this generation that is redefining […]