Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for stopping by our FAQ page! Here you will find our most-asked questions from new BoardStrong users.

How do I register?

Click here or the Log In button at the top of this page to sign up. All you need is an email address and your EIN if you represent a nonprofit organization.

Can users outside of New York State join BoardStrong?

As of right now, only New York State residents are eligible to join the BoardStrong matching portal. We encourage individuals living in other states to visit boardnetUSA.org  to find or post a board opportunity throughout the United States. We hope to expand BoardStrong and add eligible boardnetUSA users to our system in 2022.

Are users charged a fee to use the matching portal?

Nonprofits and board candidates will always be able to sign up and take our board governance video course for free. Starting in January 2022, some organizations will be asked to pay a $25 operational fee when posting a board opening. Organizations located in regions associated with a regional advisory council will continue to post board and committee openings for free.

How do I find my username?

Your username is the same as the email address you used to register on charitySTRONG or BoardStrong.

How does your matching system work?

When an organization creates a board posting, they have the option of selecting the Interests and Skills they are looking for in a board candidate. We take this information and match it to candidates who have selected the same Interests and Skills on their profile and who also live in the organization’s county.

Candidates are also able to inquire directly on any board posting, and organizations may search the Candidate Bank to view and inquire about profiles that have been marked as Public.

Can I join a board outside my area?

The widespread shift to virtual board meetings has allowed many boards to recruit talent from outside their region. Many organizations also have a statewide or national presence, while others serve a small community. Due to the varying nature of requirements for board members, we encourage candidates interested in a BoardStrong posting outside their region to contact the organization for further information.

I previously registered on your old website, charitySTRONG.  Do I need to complete a new profile?

Good news! For users who had signed up previously under charitySTRONG, your profile information has been carried over into the new system. However, this only covers basic information and we encourage users to complete their profile by filling out additional fields. For organizations, this includes your organization’s Mission Statement and information about your board; for candidates, this includes Demographic Information, Experience, Skills and Interests.

I previously completed your Good Practices for Good Boards course on charitySTRONG as a board candidate. Do I need to take it again?

If you have already passed our course, this information will automatically be added to your candidate profile – you do not need to take it again. However, board candidates and nonprofit representatives may revisit the course at any point, with the option to download a certificate upon course completion.

How do I delete my profile?

If you no longer wish to use BoardStrong as a candidate, you can remove your profile from the candidate pool by setting your Profile Privacy Level to Private. This setting can be found in BoardStrong Preferences at the bottom of your profile.

If you are an organization and wish to delete your profile, please contact info@boardstrong.org.

How do I delete my board posting?

Board postings may be removed by updating the Posting Status to Closed.

Why are there no candidates or boards in my geographic area?

BoardStrong is a growing network. Marketing efforts are concentrated within NYCON membership and geographic areas of our community partners and supporters. Consequently the growth of candidate and nonprofit users in some areas may be slow. If you would like to help grow BoardStrong in your region of New York, consider joining one of our regional advisory councils.


For additional questions or inquiries, please contact info@boardstrong.org.