charitySTRONG and Governance Matters are now BoardStrong!

Our name has changed, but our mission to support nonprofit organizations in attaining the highest standards of board leadership and governance is more important than it ever has been.

What We Are Changing

We have a new name, logo, and tagline! We are BoardStrong – because Governance Matters.

Our new website is BoardStrong.org. You will see that it still has much of our best content – including Governance Matters’ Good Governance Guide, as well as many of the resources that were in charitySTRONG’s Directors U.

Speaking of charitySTRONG.org – we are sunsetting the name and website. We have created a new board matching site that has many more capabilities. You can access it through the BoardStrong.org site.

BoardnetUSA.org will also be going away soon. We want all New York State candidates and nonprofits to find their matches on BoardStrong.

Our social media links have changed! Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If you need to reach us, you can email info@boardstrong.org.

Why the New Name?

We have been through many mergers over the past few years, and we wanted a fresh name and look that reflect the work of all the organizations and people who have come before us.

The boards and staffs of the Volunteer Consulting Group, Alliance for Nonprofit Governance, Governance Matters and charitySTRONG visioned the future – now our present – where nonprofit boards can come to find new board members, get help solving their problems, share their ideas and effective practices, and become solid, capable leaders.

When we merged with charitySTRONG in 2018 we knew we wanted to provide an integrated approach to board recruitment and development all under one name and on one site. We wanted to put the focus on the Subject – nonprofit boards, not the verb – governance. We want to make our mission clear – we are a one stop shop for everything a nonprofit board needs.

So we dedicated ourselves to creating a new website, a new board matching site, a new name and logo – and now we invite you to check it out.

For a brief overview of the signup process, view our tutorial videos for candidates and organizations.

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