December 27, 2021 – BoardStrong’s Board of Directors has announced that current BoardStrong COO Kelly Mathews will also serve as interim Chief Executive Officer until the position is filled permanently. Doug Sauer retired on January 1, 2022 after four years as BoardStrong Executive Director and 41 years as CEO of the New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc. (NYCON). Sauer will continue his affiliation with the organizations as a consultant.

“The BoardStrong Board of Directors is happy to announce that Kelly Mathews has agreed to serve as interim CEO,” said David Birdsell, BoardStrong Board Chair.

“I am proud to say that the board, Kelly and our management team are working closely to ensure a smooth transition,” Sauer states. “Chief Program Officer Barbara Paxton will work with Kelly to avoid disruptions in service to our clients.”

In addition to serving as COO of BoardStrong and NYCON, Mathews has led NYCON’s Financial Management Group since 1998 and serves as executive director of NYCON’s affiliate, Good Causes. Mathews has played integral and expansive roles throughout her tenure at NYCON.  She provides financial management technical assistance and training to nonprofit staff and boards of directors throughout New York State. She leads NYCON’s organization-wide initiatives, public policy and infrastructure. As Executive Director of Good Causes, Inc. (formerly Innovative Charitable Initiatives, Inc.), Kelly leads the organization’s provision of fiscal sponsorship, employment, and administrative services to emerging nonprofit organizations, programs in transition, collaboratives and consortiums nationwide.

Originally from Oklahoma and Arkansas, Mathews now lives in New York with her husband and three dogs, including two rescued from shelters throughout the Southern US and one rambunctious Gordon setter.

“Doug led BoardStrong through crucial stages of development and transition. While he is a tough act to follow, I look forward to working with our board and staff to continue to deliver the level of quality services our clients have come to expect during his tenure,” states Mathews.