Bridges to Board Service: Nonprofit Board Governance

Poughkeepsie Boardman Road Library 141 Boardman Road, Poughkeepsie, NY

Board members need to perform certain key duties in order to legally and ethically fulfill their governance responsibilities. This session will define the fiduciary duty of board service in detail and explore exactly what effective governance entails. Strategies to assist current and prospective board members to effectively govern their organizations, including managing conflicts of interest, […]


Best Practices to Avoid Breach of Fiduciary Duty Liability

Online Webinar

Join NYCON Corporate Ally, Smith Buss & Jacobs as they guide us through the best pracrtices to avoid fiduciary duty liability. In this webinar they will cover what directors' duties are, some recent cases illustrating conduct that constitutes a break of fiduciary duty, including consequences for breach, and best practices for avoiding breach of fiduciary […]


Virtual Nonprofit BoardCon

Online Webinar

Hosted by NYN Media The pandemic has transformed many activities in the nonprofit sector. Event plans have been reimagined, fundraising strategies have changed direction, and boards have navigated through many risks and challenges. Effective board management allows for nonprofits to make a bigger impact. Providing your board with key resources can increase your fundraising efforts, […]


Board Chair Roundtable: Contemporary Board Leadership Challenges

Online Webinar

Join us to learn from a panel of Board Chairs who got their organizations through COVID, The Great Resignation and a state unalterably changed over the past two years - and how they are planning to use their experiences as we move forward into a new, challenging future. Register at nycon.org. Panelists:Cecilia Gentili, Co-Chair, NEW […]

Board Member Roundtable: The Key to Being A Successful Treasurer

We often hear from staff leadership about board governance and best practices, but not from the volunteer board leaders themselves. Until now! The role of a board treasurer is challenging. Keeping your eye on oversight and strategy and identifying and managing risk, while also ensuring the finance department's day-to-day operations benefit from your experience. BoardStrong […]

Hearing It From the Source: Millennial Board Room Perspectives and Experiences

Online Webinar

Research indicates that there is very little generational diversity in the boardroom. In fact, the voice of an entire generation (the millennial population is estimated at 77 million in the US alone), is oftentimes missing. There is a great opportunity for boards to seek younger directors and gain perspectives of this generation that is redefining […]